07-GHOST Episode 2 English Subbed


Watch anime online, streaming anime episodes watch anime online, you are watching 07-GHOST 2 | 07-GHOST Episode 2 English subbed online for free. Anime guide, 07-GHOST 2 | 07-GHOST Episode 2 English sub Nostalgic Memories Accompany Pain An unconscious Teito is found by a group of men and taken back to the nearby Church to recuperate. The three men turn out to be Frau, Castor and Labrador, and they are all bishops of the Church in the 7th District of the Barsburg Empire. This means that while he is there he cannot be harmed by the government as the Church lies outside of the Government's authority. Teito decides to take this opportunity to learn more about his past and his connection to the Raggs Kingdom. Meanwhile, back at the Academy, Mikage is questioned by Ayanami and given a choice: either save his family or save Teito.

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