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Watch full 11eyes Episode 1 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD 11eyes Episode 1 English sub streaming online. Red Night. After witnessing his sister’s suicide, Kakeru Satsuki lives the remainder of his childhood in an orphanage, where he meets a young girl named Yuka Minase, who becomes his first friend. Yuka helps Kakeru open up to the world again, and they attend high school at Rainbow High together along with two new friends, the slightly perverted Tadashi Teruya and the hot-headed Kaori Natsuki, who keeps Tadashi under control. The ordinary days they have come to expect are overturned when they are thrown into an alternate world which they call "Red Night" due to the sky turning blood-red and the moon turning black. In it, everyone has disappeared and they are pursued by nightmarish creatures bent on their death. However, as quick as it appeared, the Red Night mysteriously ends. Both are left unsure if their experience was simply their imagination. As they walk to school together, Kakeru reflects on how Yuka had always taken care of him, and vows to protect her if the Red Night ever happens again. Later that same day a queer new student named Shiori Momono transfers into their class after having moved to Japan from Italy. As the other students pepper her with questions, she announces that she has no interest in them and walks towards Yuka and Kakeru instead. The moment Yuka makes eye contact however, she faints, and is carried to the infirmary by Kakeru. The doctor questions Yuka about his covered right eye after he leaves, to which Yuka explains that Kakeru can't see through that eye, and they are both different coloured, so he wears an eyepatch. After school, the duo go to the mall, where they are watched over by a strange girl resembling Kakeru's sister who is in turn watched over by Shiori.

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