11eyes Episode 10 English Subbed


Watch full 11eyes Episode 10 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD 11eyes Episode 10 English sub streaming online. The Witch Awakens. Shiori comes and tells Kakeru and Misuzu everything about the Red Night and about the Black Knights, revealing herself to be a young magician and librarian of a secret magical organization called the Index. In her explanation, she shows several key facts, starting with the girl in the crystal, Lisette. Lisette is actually the mirror image of a wicked witch named Liselotte, who seeks to destroy the world to fulfill her lover, a man named Verard's, dying wish. 64 years prior, Liselotte was sealed away by Index using a forbidden spell. However, by doing so, the various members that accomplished it turned into hideous creatures who are now called the Black Knights, who guard Liselotte's seal. While Liselotte remains trapped, due to her immortality, her soul could only be separated, so that is what the Black Knights did. They split her soul into seven pieces and threw them into different human bodies that resided in different parallel worlds, which have now all been brought together mysteriously in the same world in the form of Kakeru, Yuka, Yukiko, Misuzu, Takahisa, Kukuri, and Shiori. If all the fragments of her soul are recollected into Liselotte's body, she can grant her wish to destroy the world by sending it into Hell via the black moon. This makes the Black Knights hunt them for their souls. Shiori is forced to stop when the Red Night appears, and the group is immediately engaged in battle...

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