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Watch full 11eyes Episode 12 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD 11eyes Episode 12 English sub streaming online. Daybreak of the Dark Night. As it turns out, all of the events in Episode 11 were just Kakeru's vision of what would happen if he were to protect Yuka from Liselotte's attack. Determined to forestall those events from occurring Kakeru decides to kill himself to prevent Liselotte from taking his Eye. After stabbing himself, he has a flashback and remembers all of his childhood memories, particularly how Yuka has always looked out for him. To his surprise he wakes up in the infirmary. Misuzu explains that is he alive because Yuka nullified the sword when he stabbed himself, and that Liselotte couldn't fight on due to Yuka's ability also nullifying her powers. Kakeru then notices Yuka sleeping in the bed next to his. Shiori appears and introduces Kakeru to Abraxas, the spirit that his sister Kukuri hosted within her body. She further explains how Kukuri is still alive and how Abraxas killed Kakeru in another World among other things. The group feels the world shift and watch as Yuka is absorbed by the bed. The group races to the roof to find that the Black Moon is near, and Liselotte that has sealed Yuka in a crystal so that she is unable to use her nullification power. Kakeru demands Yuka's return and agrees to Liselotte's demand that he give himself up. Shiori and Abraxas attack Liselotte, but fail. The two remaining Black Knights arrive to give assistance. Superbia shields Kakeru and Avaritia engages Liselotte, stalling her for a short time. Abraxas uses the time gained by Avaritia to give Shiori's fragment to Kakeru, and Superbia informs him that with the Eye of Aeon and Shiori's fragment which has the ability to travel though space-time, he may be able to seal Liselotte in a dimensional rift. The Red Night reappears and Misuzu draws the forbidden Doujikiri Yasutsuna sword to shield Kakeru. While Kakeru is facing off with Liselotte, the voice of Velad, the former bearer of the Eye of Aeon, appears in Liselotte's mind, stating that it is foolish to destroy the world. Liselotte, however, no longer cares about destroying the world to avenge Velad but is, instead, determined to obtain the Eye of Aeon, a fragment of the Emerald Tablet, for herself. Together, Misuzu and Misao counter the power Liselotte is releasing, but she disappears. Kakeru, using the Eye of Aeon, saw where Liselotte was going reappear and surprises her. When he uses Shiori's fragment to seal her away Liselotte tries to flee but is hindered by Avaritia and the two of them are drawn into in the dimensional rift contained in the crystal fragment. As a result of Liselotte's disappearance Yuka is freed and the Red Night starts to collapse. Misao uses what appears to be the last of her energy to return Kakeru, Yuka and Misuzu to the real world - a World of Peace. In this world, only Kakeru, Yuka, and Misuzu are aware of the events of the Red Night. Yukiko and Takahisa along with Saiko are alive but have forgotten about the Red Night and that they knew Kakeru and the others. The story ends with Misuzu asking Kakeru and Yuka if they want to accompany her to Ayanas. As Kakeru looks up in the sky with his Eye of Aeon he sees that the Black Moon still exists. The episode concludes with the text 'Akarat on jon holnap?' which means 'Will you come tomorrow?', which may imply a future sequel or second season.

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