11eyes Episode 3 English Subbed


Watch full 11eyes Episode 3 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD 11eyes Episode 3 English sub streaming online. The Lonely Pride. Kakeru, Misuzu and Yuka find out that the moon has turned black, this time in the real world. With such a bad omen, Misuzu tells them that if they are ever sent into the Red Night again, the school will be their meeting place. Kakeru, wishing to protect Yuka, asks Misuzu if she will teach him how to use a sword. Misuzu refuses, but Kakeru is determined to learn so he can protect Yuka the next time they are taken to the Red Night. Meanwhile, a lonely and worried Yuka encounters Yukiko, who cheers her up with her lively smile. Yuka also notices that Yukiko is interested in the school delinquent, Takahisa Tajima. After school, Kakeru trains alone on the field using a baseball bat, closely watched over by Shiori and Yuka. After watching him train, Misuzu takes him and Yuka back to her home, where she shows them her true abilities, which comes in five different sword forms that are kept sealed on her nails, the answer to why she wears gloves. It was also initially under the agreement that only one sword could belong to one person, but Misuzu won against all five of the swords, causing her family to seek her life, prompting her to move to this part of Japan. Finishing her introduction, Misuzu begins Kakeru's training. She later explains to Yuka that she cut down her own father to get the last sword. As Kakeru laments with frustration, the Red Night appears again, and the stronger Black Knights are sent to dispose of them, the "fragments". As a Black Knight is about to crush Yuka and Kakeru, chains appear out of nowhere and frighten the Black Knight to escape. Meanwhile, as Misuzu faces difficulty defeating Gula, one of the Black Knights, but thanks to a girl stabbing him, Misuzu is able to finish him off, causing one of the crystal towers in the center of the Red Night to disappear. Trapped under the broken car with an unconscious Yuka, Kakeru vaguely sees his older sister looking down at him peacefully.

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