11eyes Episode 4 English Subbed


Watch full 11eyes Episode 4 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD 11eyes Episode 4 English sub streaming online. Smiling Behind a Facade. Takahisa and Yukiko are revealed to be two of the few in the Red Night, with Takahisa having the ability to manipulate fire. Yukiko happily introduces Yuka, Kakeru and Misuzu to Takahisa, calling him "Mr. Hero of Justice" after he saved her from a monster. Kakeru is determined to find his power after Takahisa teases him but cannot seem to awaken it. As he trains, he sees Misuzu leaping towards Yuka, and he jumps in front of her to take the blow only to find everyone staring at him. Misuzu, although her face betrays no emotion, was in truth really thinking of pointing her sword at Yuka to test his resolve, but didn't do it in the end. The next day at school, they are taken once more to the Red Night and are attacked by two of the Black Knights named Ira and Invidia. Misuzu tries to fight and hold back Ira but fails to break the standoff. She is saved by Yukiko, who enters the fight very nearly delivering a death blow to Misuzu's opponent when she is impaled from behind by Invidia. Just as the Black Knights are assured of victory, Takahisa ignites them and the Red Night ends once again. Yukiko staggers up and puts on her glasses again, turning into the cheerful and outgoing freshman they know so well. She also reveals her regeneration skills by healing the large wound in her stomach. After a hug from Yuka, Yukiko tells them that she was born in the country of Dransvania, where there were constant massacres, also where she found her abilities. Yukiko then thanks them for accepting her for who she is, bloody personality and regeneration skills and all.

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