11eyes Episode 5 English Subbed


Watch full 11eyes Episode 5 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD 11eyes Episode 5 English sub streaming online. For My Friends and For Tomorrow. Yuka faints again at school, and the school doctor, Saeko Akamine concludes that it is anemia. She also reveals to them that she is Takahisa's legal guardian after discovering him living on the streets as a child. After the visit to the infirmary, Kakeru and Yuka are firstly introduced to the mute Kukuri Tachibana, who is identical in looks and name to Kakeru's dead sister, shocking Yuka and Kakeru especially. Meanwhile, Takahisa gets into a motorcycle accident to find that there is a barrier in the middle of the city that only he cannot pass through. Kakeru resumes his sword training with Mizusu at school, soon after which the Red Night falls. During the Red Night, Misuzu is immediately engaged by Invidia, and Yuka and Kakeru are again forced to escape. While running away, they are met by Ira who blocks their way out of the school grounds. He at first overwhelms Kakeru, but eventually Kakeru's powers awaken in a battle protecting Yuka, allowing him to detect his movements before he executes them, and Kakeru manages to fell his opponent. Despite his victory, Kakeru falls to the ground violently convulsing with pain.

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