11eyes Episode 6 English Subbed


Watch full 11eyes Episode 6 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD 11eyes Episode 6 English sub streaming online. Upset Heart. Kakeru is stuck in a coma racked with pain and his past memories. His friends are by his side, worried for his state of health. Misuzu attempts a ritual to heal him and free Kakeru of his torment. His right eye, or known as The Eye of Aeon activates and past and present meet in a meeting of the minds. The next morning, Kakeru awakens healed to a weakened Misuzu who is passed out in his lap. Yuka, who comes to check up on him, witnesses only this, completely misinterpreting what she had seen. The others gather for breakfast. A short, enjoyable peace is broken when Misuzu has a dizzy spell which Kakeru responded to with concern, upsetting Yuka, and causing her to blindly flee. Kakeru finally catches up with Yuka on the school rooftop and assures her that Misuzu and he are only friends. Yuka confesses her feelings for him, wanting a kiss to legitimize their relationship. Kakeru refuses, making Yuka run away again. As Kakeru once again tries to follow, the Red Night falls. A standoff ensues between their team of dubbed "fragments" and the Black Knights. As the battle begins Misuzu readies herself for a fight and Yukiko starts to engage in battle when Kukuri reveals her powers and slaughters all the nightmare blobs and a Black Knight named Scholastica in the process. After everyone regroups, Takahisa reveals that he has found Yuka's tattered backpack. Kakeru, fearing the worst, looks for Yuka.

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