11eyes Episode 8 English Subbed


Watch full 11eyes Episode 8 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD 11eyes Episode 8 English sub streaming online. Witching Hour. The Black Knights converse over the Fragments. Yuka awakens the next morning to see Kakeru dozing on a chair beside her bed. He enquires if she is alright and Yuka assures him and declares she wishes to protect him. Downstairs in the living room, Misuzu and Takahisa discuss Yuka's power, the Red Night and the reason they are chased by the Black Knights. Kakeru confronts Kukuri about the notebook and asks her to leave Yuka alone. After Takahisa leaves to in search of Yukiko, Misuzu checks the oni barrier around her house, which shows hairline cracks. Meanwhile Yukiko tells Takahisa about how much everyone means to her and how much loss she has suffered as Kakeru follows Misuzu to her dojo, where Misuzu shows him the mark branded into her shoulder. She then cuts herself and offers Kakeru the power of the Kusakabe by drinking her blood. Yuka witnesses this intimate moment and then faints...

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