12 oz. Mouse Episode 9 - Surgery Circus


Stream anime episodes online for free, Watch 12 oz. Mouse Episode 9 - Surgery Circus English version online and free episodes. Anime Episode guide, Chapter 12 oz. Mouse Episode 9 - Surgery Circus Bowtime Roostre, Joe and Peanut Cop break out of the jetcar and crash Shark's party. Fitz is trapped in a series of illusions or artificial realities created by Shark, including one in which he is attacked by a bow tie robot. In another sequence, Fitz ponders the nature of memory and time travel, and sees a baby mouse morph into Spider. Back at his store, Liquor lures Roostre into the cellar, where he clubs him and traps him in Spider's web. Liquor cryptically warns that Roostre will "set the alarm." The New Guy saves Skillet from the Clock's time gas, and they, Fitz, and the injured Eye escape into the desert. Frustrated, Shark sends Pronto after them. This episode is rated TV-MA.

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