6teen Episode 16 The Khaki Girl


You are going to Watch 6teen Episode 16 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons 6teen Episode 16 Online The Khaki Girl. Jude meets Starr for the second time, at the water fountain where they both fall in love with each other; Caitlin fights with her former friend, Tricia, compete against each other at a Khaki Barn contest (Khaki girl). They do a shop-off to see who's best fit to be the Khaki Girl and when Caitlin is close to winning, Tricia cheats and becomes the Khaki Girl; Jonesy tries to sell Roast Burky chunklets, and ends up causing a disaster at the mall (making everyone who ate sick) when he trusts Jude to help him. (Since Tricia ate and Caitlin didn't, Caitlin replaces Tricia after she vomits at her Khaki Girl photo shoot). Note: This is the second time Jonesy and Jude accidentally get inappropriate. (They kiss in this episode by accident.)

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