6teen Season 3 Episode 19 Double Date


You will Watch 6teen Season 3 Episode 19 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons 6teen Episode 73 Double Date. Jonesy and Nikki win a pair of tickets to one of Jonesy's favorite sci-fi flicks, War Star Galaxy Force (which parodies the Star Wars saga), but the other pair of tickets are awarded to Darth and Julie, meaning they all have to be together. During the filming, Jonesy and Darth work on a plan to film the movie in order to sell pirated DVDs. Meanwhile, some of the girls in the mall, led by Tricia, want to get back at their boyfriends for doing rude, dumb and mean things around or to them, until Caitlin and Jen discover that Tricia's feminist kick is really a scam to try to turn Caitlin and her friends against each other.

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