6teen Season 3 Episode 2 Baby, You Stink


You will Watch 6teen Season 3 Episode 2 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons 6teen Episode 56 Baby, You Stink. Jonesy, Wyatt, and Jude agree not to shower or clean themselves for a week to determine which one of them smells the worst and the best, with Nikki, Jen, and Caitlin as the judges. Meanwhile, Caitlin persuades her new boyfriend to try to get a good baby picture in a brand new "Make A Baby" booth that's just been added to the mall, but every picture she takes with him ends up ugly. When Jen goes in with Jude, their baby is perfect (so are all the other couples, like Wyatt and Marlowe and Darth and Julie), which makes Caitlin break up with her boyfriend and look around the mall for cute boys she can go in with to have a perfect baby.

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