Ace Attorney Episode 11 English Dubbed


Watch full Ace Attorney Episode 11 English Dubbed streaming online. Ace Attorney Episode 11 English dub online for free in HD. Turnabout Goodbyes: 4th Trial" After Gumshoe manages to recapture the caretaker, he invites Phoenix and Maya to investigate his shack, where they find a safe containing a letter detailing how to frame Edgeworth. Court resumes, with Phoenix having Grossberg testify about the DL-6 Incident, revealing that Yanni Yogi, the bailiff originally accused of Gregory's murder, had his life ruined by Hammond's defense, leading to his fiancée's suicide a year later. Tasked with proving the caretaker is Yogi himself, Phoenix brings in Polly as a witness. Despite discovering Polly has been retrained to stay quiet about the DL-6 Incident, Phoenix manages to deduce that Polly is named after Yogi's late fiancée, and that the safe combination code is the date the DL-6 Incident took place. Feeling his duty has been fulfilled, the caretaker reveals himself to be Yogi and confesses his crime. Just as Edgeworth is declared innocent of Hammond's murder, Edgeworth himself confesses that he is the true culprit of the DL-6 Incident.

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