Ace Attorney Episode 13 English Dubbed


Watch full Ace Attorney Episode 13 English Dubbed streaming online. Ace Attorney Episode 13 English dub online for free in HD. Turnabout Promise Phoenix recalls the elementary school incident that first brought him, Edgeworth, and Larry together. After Edgeworth unknowingly drops his lunch money (which is picked up by Larry), Phoenix is accused by his classmates of stealing it, but Edgeworth and Larry stand up to defend him. Later that day, Edgeworth helps Phoenix and Larry find the owner of an abandoned dog that Larry had come across. After the owner rejects the dog, Edgeworth decides to take it home with him while also taking an interest in Phoenix and Larry's favorite show, later becoming friends with them. However, following the death of his father, Edgeworth is taken in by von Karma, leaving his new friends behind. Going back for a key chain that von Karma had thrown away, Edgeworth finds Phoenix and Larry waiting for him, and they assure him that they will always be friends. Back in the present, Edgeworth disembarks to places unknown, leaving behind a note reading "Miles Edgeworth chooses death".

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