Ace Attorney Episode 7 English Dubbed


Watch full Ace Attorney Episode 7 English Dubbed streaming online. Ace Attorney Episode 7 English dub online for free in HD. Turnabout Samurai: Last Trial As court resumes, Vasquez is brought to the witness stand, with Phoenix presenting the evidence and testimony he received from Cody. Vasquez claims that she could not have used the alleged murder weapon, the Samurai Spear, as it is too heavy. Phoenix deduces that the spear is not the actual murder weapon, but lacks the evidence to prove it. Cody stands up for his sense of justice, inspiring Oldbag to give Phoenix a photo of the earlier studio accident used by Vasquez to blackmail Hammer; revealing the actual murder weapon to be the spiked fence outside Studio 2's trailer. When challenged with finding Vasquez's motive, Phoenix posits that Hammer had attempted to murder Vasquez in revenge and was killed in self-defense, but lacks the evidence to prove it. Realizing Vasquez's guilt, Edgeworth has her testify about what happened after the body was found, providing Phoenix with the opening needed to expose her as the true culprit.

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