Ace Attorney Episode 9 English Dubbed


Watch full Ace Attorney Episode 9 English Dubbed streaming online. Ace Attorney Episode 9 English dub online for free in HD. Turnabout Goodbyes: 2nd Trial The trial opens with Gumshoe presenting the murder weapon: a pistol with fingerprints from Edgeworth's right hand. Lotta's testimony further implicates Edgeworth when she claims to have seen him and Hammond amidst two loud bangs after midnight, submitting a photo as evidence. Under threat of being held in contempt of court, Phoenix is unable to find any beneficial information in Lotta's testimony until Maya challenges its validity and is ejected in Phoenix's place. This allows Phoenix to determine that Lotta was too focused on finding Gourdy to pay any attention to the murder. Lotta then presents an enlarged version of the photo to show the pistol being fired from the attacker's left hand, contradicting Gumshoe's statement. After court adjourns for further investigation, Phoenix discovers "Gourdy" to be Larry's promotional Steel Samurai balloon that flew into the lake in an air tank accident. Grateful for learning the truth from Phoenix, Lotta gives him a second photo of the incident and directs him to another witness: the elderly caretaker of a boat rental shop.

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