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Watch Ajin OVA online English Subbed free with HQ / high quailty. Stream movie Ajin OVA English version.Ajin Nakamura Shinya Incident Shinya Nakamura breaks his promise to his friend Yusuke to attend a party with a girl he likes. Running late, he is killed in a motorcycle accident but is soon revived. Discovering he is an Ajin after witnessing his right arm regenerate, Shinya hides evidence of him being an Ajin. When he keeps seeing a black hallucination, Shinya is nearly run over trying to flee but is saved at the last second by Yusuke. Later Shinya is about to admit to him he is an Ajin until members from the Ajin Management Committee show up to capture him. Yusuke however shields Shinya from a bullet but is fatally wounded. Shinya vows to kill the members before being killed himself, and afterwards, his Black Ghosts kill everyone in the vicinity. Following Yusuke's final words to run, Shinya leaves town while seemingly pondering the name print on the tissues, Grant Pharmeceuticals. Meanwhile Tosaki is ordered by the Defense Minister to quietly investigate the Shinya Nakamura incident. As a first step, he looks up on an unconfirmed report of an Ajin living in Hagoa - a young woman who will later become Izumi Shimomura.

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