Aladdin Season 1 Episode 20 SandSwitch


You will Watch Aladdin Season 1 Episode 20 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Aladdin Episode 20 SandSwitch. One night, Sadira casts a spell over all of Agrabah. The next morning, everyone's memory has been rearranged so that Sadira is the princess and Jasmine is a street rat. However, on the following morning, seeing that Jasmine's pet tiger Rajah is ready to attack her as well as Abu and Iago's behavior, Sadira realizes the spell doesn't work on animals. Sadira magically confines Rajah with a cage, but Iago and Abu rescue him and escape the palace to find Jasmine. They eventually find the once-princess, who is a pick-pocket and in rags. Iago convinces Jasmine to come back to the palace, and she agrees after seeing Aladdin in the wedding parade with Sadira. She doesn't know why, but she feels romantically drawn to Aladdin. When Jasmine, Iago and company burst in on the wedding, and despite interference from Genie and Carpet, Jasmine is able to make it to Aladdin and he is drawn to her as well. The two share a romantic kiss and it breaks Sadira's spell.

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