Aladdin Season 1 Episode 51 Heads, You Lose


You will Watch Aladdin Season 1 Episode 51 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Aladdin Episode 51 Heads, You Lose. Caliph Kapok, a disembodied wizard, pays the Sultan a visit and asks Aladdin to help rejoin him to his evil body. They do so, but soon realize that Caliph's head is evil, not his body, and when Aladdin tries to stop him, he separates his head from his torso. Stuck with a logical, remorseless head as well as a loving, headstrong body, it's up to Jasmine and the guys to get Caliph's head separated from his body so he'll reverse the spell and put Aladdin back together, as well as save the wizard's kingdom.

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