Aladdin Season 2 Episode 12 The Lost Ones


You will Watch Aladdin Season 2 Episode 12 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Aladdin Episode 77 The Lost Ones. Children are constantly disappearing in Agrabah, and when Aladdin runs into a street rat, Wahid, he is reminded of his old friend Amal, who wanted to be more than just a street rat, but through dishonest means. As Aladdin and the others look into who's taking the kids, they discover that the El Khatib (Shadow Walkers) are responsible, and travel to their realm following Amal, who has become an El Khatib, and who has captured Wahid. There, they discover the truth behind it all: Mirage, amassing her own force every seven years when more El Khatib can be recruited, is the true mastermind. However, Wahid refuses to become an El Khatib, and Mirage reveals that if he doesn't he will die. Amal, meanwhile, refuses to kill Aladdin, and Genie tricks Mirage into believing Aladdin will trade his own life for Wahid's. She departs, leaving the El Khatib to die—all but Amal, who, since he refused to kill Aladdin, is not entirely evil and hence is not a true El Khatib. Having regained his right human arm, he sets out to do more good, and regain his humanity. Absent: Jasmine.

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