Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 12 English Dubbed


Watch full Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 12 English Dubbed streaming online. Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 12 English dub online for free in HD. Nobody Knows What the Future Holds! As a last resort, the staff of Amagi Brilliant Park invite all their friends and relatives, reaching the quota in the nick of time. Announcing that it's his last day as manager, Seiya reveals to the others that a huge shopping mall will be established in the land he previously sold, which will help bring guests to the park. Takaya Kurisu from the Amagi Development, compliments Seiya for the feat, but also mocks him because the issue with Latifah's condition is yet to be solved, revealing himself as the wizard who cursed her in the first place before fleeing. However, when midnight comes, Seiya and the others discover that the huge quantity of Animus gathered in the last weeks was strong enough to break her free for the curse, much to everyone's joy. Seiya then bids farewell to the people of the park, but when he returns home, his aunt Aisu Kyūbu remarks how happy he was while working there, thus in the next day, Seiya returns and reassumes his post as the manager of Amagi Brilliant Park, claiming that there is still a lot for him to do.

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