Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 2 English Dubbed


Watch full Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 2 English Dubbed streaming online. Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 2 English dub online for free in HD. Not Enough Time! The next day, Seiya realizes he has the power to read people's mind. Isuzu again takes him to the park, where they proceed to meet some people from Amagi Development - they are the ones who would take over the Park once the time expires. One of them recognized Seiya and tells him not to get close to the losers in the Park, or he too will become one. In the Park, an assembly is held, where the Princess, Latifah Fullanza announces that the Park will be closed in three months. Seiya returns to them and announces that he will save them. But later, when he's alone with Isuzu and Latifah, he says that he just claimed it to raise everyone's spirit, but he's not actually confident about it - but Latifah claims having complete faith in him.

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