American Dad! Season 6 Episode 19 Gorillas in the Mist


You will Watch American Dad! Season 6 Episode 19 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons American Dad! Episode 619 Gorillas in the Mist. During Stan's hangout with his CIA friends, Francine calls to notify Stan that Steve ditched his PSAT preparation classes. Stan arrives home to deliver the punishment to him: suspending all his video games and television privileges. He also forcibly drives his son to and from the PSAT classes venue. However, Stan's friends urge him over the phone to hurry over to the boat castaway event as they are leaving soon and suggest he brings his son with him. To avoid the traffic, Stan goes over to the wrong side of the freeway and speeds up. At a lake where the event is held, Stan handcuffs Steve to a sink in a bathroom, reaffirming him to stay there throughout the trip. However, Steve manages to get out and is seen telling a funny joke to Stan's friends. Steve tells the same joke to his dad, who also finds funny but tries to suppress his laughter to maintain the authority as Steve's father...

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