Ancient Books of Ys II Episode 3 English Dubbed


You are going to Watch Ancient Books of Ys II Episode 3 English dubbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Ancient Books of Ys II Episode 3 Online English dub Wandering and Straying - It opens with a flashback of Keith's sister being sacrificed to the monsters by the tolling of the bells. Keith rushes in and slays the beast who turns out to be his sister that was transformed into the beast. The monsters laugh at his folly, and transform Keith into a beast. Back in the present, Adol approaches a bridgeman who won't let the bridge down for Adol to go to the village of Ramia because his son, Tarf, has been kidnapped. Adol rushes off to rescue Tarf, who meanwhile has befriended his cell mate, the traitorous monster Keith who's been chained up in the prison. Adol sneaks his way in to the prison, steals a sword from a guard, and slices everyone down. Adol finds Tarf, and is about to rescue the boy when he's attacked by a slug monster. Adol's sword is immediately dissolved by the monster's blood, and Adol starts throwing energy balls at the creature. Keith sees Adol in peril, and breaks out to help him.

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