Angela Anaconda Episode 15 Jiggly Fruit Classic Part 1


You are going to Watch Angela Anaconda Episode 15 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Angela Anaconda Episode 15 Online Jiggly Fruit Classic Part 1. The evil Jiggly Fruit mascot Jiggly James announces that Jiggly Fruit will be replaced by "New Jiggly Fruit" which tastes absolutely disgusting. Angela, Gina and even Mrs Brinks go out of their way to protest against New Jiggly Fruit and bring back old Jiggly Fruit, even going so far as to replace Mrs. Brinks' lectures with protest periods and masquerading as the "Jiggly Angels" spoofing Charlie's Angels. Will old Jiggly Fruit be brought back or is Tapwater Springs doomed to the unpleasant taste of New Jiggly Fruit forever?

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