Animals of Farthing Wood Season 2 Episode 9 - Narrow Escapes


You will Watch Animals of Farthing Wood Season 2 Episode 9 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Animals of Farthing Wood Episode 9 Narrow Escapes Bold is helpless and starving due to his gunshot wound but luckily for him Crow agrees to help him and fetches Shadow. She tends to him and stays with him until he feels stronger. But while she goes out hunting he slips away not wanting to be dependent on anyone. He heads towards a farmhouse where Shadow catches up to him. She understands his need to be independent and live his own life and tells him to be careful. He catches a chicken but alerts the farmer and his dog who give chase. Bold dashes down a nearby hole but the farmer tries to dig him out. Falling debris lands on Bold and knocks him unconscious, making the farmer believe that he is dead. Crow tells him that he is extremely lucky and suggests that if he still wants to feed off humans to try the town. The rest of the Farthing Animals are still worried about Scarface. Adder gets cornered by him and hides down a hole but not before he tears her tail. The animals decide to punish the Weasels and hold a trial for them. Fox sets up a watch to look out for any trouble.

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