Animals of Farthing Wood Season 3 Episode 13 - Bully-Bully-Bully


You will Watch Animals of Farthing Wood Season 3 Episode 13 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Animals of Farthing Wood Episode 13 Bully-Bully-Bullyi, In the series finale, Owl and Hollow return to White Deer Park just in time to overhear Bully addressing an assembly of his rats. She goes to gather the other animals and they plan to counterattack. Plucky sends Mossy to find Laird so he can send the white deer to stampede the rats. But despite their best efforts, the rats are still too numerous. There seems to be no chance of stopping them, until Cleo bites off Bully's tail. All the animals, including the rats begin to laugh at Bully and he skulks off to the sewers where he came from. After the battle was won, the other rats apart from Spike returned to where they were before they came to the park and Fox calls an assembly to announce that he has decided to step down as leader of Farthing Land. He places Plucky in charge despite slight protest from Ranger.

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