Animals of Farthing Wood Season 3 Episode 7 - The Long-Tailed Visitor


You will Watch Animals of Farthing Wood Season 3 Episode 7 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Animals of Farthing Wood Episode 7 The Long-Tailed Visitor, Bully has asked a rat named Spike to befriend a Farthing animal for him. He finds Toad the next morning and became his Matey and Toad told him that the weasels have gone. While the stags fight for leadership of the herd, Fox is visited by Bully and his minions who threaten his life. To ensure the park's safety, Fox orders an attack on the rats' headquarters, but the rat casualties was nothing compared to the ever growing population. Meanwhile Owl is awoken by the sound of a male owl who is also mateless. Meanwhile while the Weasels and Rollo have a nap Cleo and Fido jump in a dog bowl which flows down a river. However at a Bridge the Chief Wildcat from the episode Tiff's and Temper's prepares to bounce on the weasel pups but they were saved by Rollo and some Terrapins that took them back to shore. Unfortunately when Measly wanted to go back to White Deer Park and Weasel said No, Rollo did and he became the Warden's Pet.

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