Animaniacs Season 3 Episode 12 Soccer Coach Slappy / Belly Button Blues / Our Final Space Cartoon, We Promise / Valuable Lesson


You will Watch Animaniacs Season 3 Episode 12 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Animaniacs Episode 81 Soccer Coach Slappy: Slappy is the coach of a Soccer team. Skippy keeps getting hit in the face by the ball, causing him to cry and Slappy deciding to put him out of the game. But at the final game, the last hit by the ball in Skippy's face gives the team the win. Belly Button Blues: Katie Kaboom gets furious when her parents won't let her wear clothes that are "in-style" at her school, since they make her belly button visible. Our Final Space Cartoon, We Promise: The Warners wake up from suspended animation in a spaceship in a parody of 2001: A Space Odyssey. When AL5000, the computer of the ship orders them to return to their sleeping pods, the Warners refuse to and things get out of hand. Valuable Lesson: The Warners are visited by the network censors after harassing Attila the Hun, their cartoons being too violent.

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