Aria The Animation Episode 6 English Subbed


Watch full Aria The Animation Episode 6 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Aria The Animation Episode 6 English sub streaming online. That Which You Want to Protect ... While Akari spends the night with Alice at Orange Planet, Alice says she is punishing her left hand because it is "useless" compared to her right. Alice introduces Akari to her kitten, Maa-kun, hidden in her wardrobe because pets are forbidden in company dorms, and then Athena, her mentor and roommate, the third (along with Alicia and Akira) of the so-called Three Great Water Fairies, whom Alice considers uselessly clumsy. Akari notices that Athena supports Alice in ways her student doesn't notice, and during the night, when Maa-kun starts crying his meows are covered up by Athena getting up to sing. Akari tells Alice that maybe left hands are not so useless, and the next day, Alice notices that her left hand does do some things, such as hold down notebooks while she writes. When she comes home from school, however, Maa-kun is gone from her room. She and Akari search for him, but do not find him until Athena sings a song to draw him out. Athena, who knew about the kitten all along, tells Alice that she has gotten Maa-kun named Orange Company's president, to replace their recently deceased president.

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