Ask Dr. Rin Episode 12 English Subbed


Watch full Ask Dr. Rin Episode 12 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Ask Dr. Rin Episode 12 English sub streaming online. Mysterious! Tarot Labyrinth. Between an onmyouji on a demonic head trip and her father Shou going on an ego trip that nearly imploded Kanzaki-ke's micro-economy, one would think that Meirin would only have to focus on her life in intermediate school with its endemic milestones from this point forward; unfortunately for Meirin, an impromptu feng-shui divination illustrates a syllabus involving the fortuneteller Banri Shijou whose acquisitive bid for her hakke threatens to pollute the ecstasy of her first date -- the logistics thereof she is trying to compute with Asuka after Koumi wields her in a skit of sibling crass comedy. While she takes a recess to recover herself from the amusement park rides, Asuka promises his protective proximity just as Takashi arrives to join the pair with Nanao and Tenshin not realizing that three is a crowd; yet for that matter, the same could be said for the subterfuge Banri is willing to avail to acquire Meirin's hakke once she easily immobilizes Takashi. With Asuka now isolated within a pseudo-reality labyrinth, the explosive epilogue of this imbrogilo ultimately hinges upon Meirin correctly interpreting her earlier feng-shui divination; as formidable as Banri's powers are, conquering Banri might be easier than Meirin finally getting her first kiss with Asuka!!!

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