Ask Dr. Rin Episode 13 English Subbed


Watch full Ask Dr. Rin Episode 13 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Ask Dr. Rin Episode 13 English sub streaming online. Invincible Friendship Rainbow!. The casual observation of the soccer club's practice becomes the backdrop against which Shuuko develops an infatuation for the goalie Keima Oimachi much to Yue's annoyance; as if having sensed Shuuko's resolution for gathering data about Keima, Banri decides this an ideal opportunity to initiate another operation against Meirin and dexterously wields the circumstances to her advantage as she delivers Shuuko a blank tarot card complete with cryptic counsel regarding its use. The anguishing irony is that Meirin's feng-shui divination on Shuuko's behalf plays right into Banri's plans when Shuuko becomes frustrated at her poor fortune in approaching Keima -- the acme of which when Meirin accidentally spills red paint on Shuuko's apron and hands Banri an opportunity to again manipulate Shuuko into catalyzing her operation!!! The silver lining of this misadventure is that Meirin is not required to do anything magical to ultimately foil Banri's operation -- not when Shuuko realizes her folly upon seeing the rainbow flower caused by the two rabbit charms that fall from Meirin's pocket; while Banri fumes at her plan failing, Shuuko reminisces on her collaborative prologue with both Meirin and Yue when Keima introduces himself with some ill-considered comedy.

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