Avatar Book 3 Fire Episode 18


Watch anime online, stream anime episodes online for free.Watch Avatar the last airbender Book 3 Fire Episode 18 English version online and free episodes. Anime Episode guide, Chapter Avatar the last airbender Book 3 Fire Episode 18 Sozin's Comet Part 1: The Phoenix King Aang has decided to fight the Fire Lord after Sozin's Comet passes. Zuko derails this plan by revealing that Ozai intends to raze the entire Earth-Kingdom continent while under its influence. The gang begins a frantic training regime while Aang struggles with his responsibilities: his friends exhort him to simply kill Ozai, but Aang clings to the pacifist beliefs of his Air-Nomad heritage. In his sleep, Aang is drawn towards a mysterious island that appears suddenly in the sea; the next morning, his friends find June the Bounty hunter to attempt to locate him again. Ozai bequeaths his throne to Azula and declares himself "Phoenix King," ruler of the known world, while Aang awakens on the unknown island now in the middle of the sea.

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