Avatar Book 3 Fire Episode 19


Watch anime online, stream anime episodes online for free.Watch Avatar the last airbender Book 3 Fire Episode 19 English version online and free episodes. Anime Episode guide, Chapter Avatar the last airbender Book 3 Fire Episode 19 Sozin's Comet Part 2: The Old Masters On the island, Aang seeks guidance from his past lives, but they too insist he must kill the Fire Lord. The island turns out to be a giant lion turtle, which gives Aang the guidance he has been seeking. After June is unable to find Aang, Zuko decides to find his uncle instead. They meet the Order of the White Lotus, its leader being Iroh. After reuniting with Iroh, the team decides to split up and go in different directions to help stop the Fire Nation: Zuko and Katara will handle Azula at the capitol of the Fire Nation; Sokka, Suki and Toph will attempt to deflect the Fire Nation airships encroaching on the Earth Kingdom, and Iroh is to lead the Order in the liberation of Ba Sing Se. Sozin's Comet arrives and the Phoenix King prepares to destroy the Earth Kingdom.

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