Back to the Future Season 1 Episode 5 Roman Holiday (aka Swing Low Sweet Chariot Race)


You will Watch Back to the Future Season 1 Episode 5 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Back to the Future Episode 5 Roman Holiday (aka Swing Low Sweet Chariot Race). With Marty as company, Doc heads to Ancient Rome to return overdue library books. Jules and Verne overhear their father talk about the arcades and stow away in the DeLorean to play the Roman "video games", (the boys have been forbidden to leave the house because they were grounded for misusing their father's latest invention – a holographic device.) Jules and Verne accidentally end up with Doc and Marty in Ancient Rome (approx. 36 AD). Once there, Marty insults Bifficus and is challenged to a chariot race. Doc is mistaken for a rebellious slave and is going to be thrown to the lions. The boys run amok in Ancient Rome and end up meeting Judah, a slave, who helps them get out of trouble. In the end, Marty loses the race because Bifficus must rise to power in order for the Roman Empire to fall. Doc uses his holographic device to avoid becoming lion chow and the boys help Judah escape to become a free man. Marty switches places with Judah and rejoins Doc and Jules and Verne, who are about to go back in their home turf. Issue 3 of the Back to the Future comics is an adaptation of this episode. Bill Nye Segment: Examining drag (air resistance).

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