Back to the Future Season 1 Episode 9 Solar Sailors


You will Watch Back to the Future Season 1 Episode 9 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Back to the Future Episode 9 Solar Sailors. As an anniversary gift to his parents, Jules has created an invention that displays front page headlines from history and gives his second gift – tickets on a space cruise in the year 2091, one hundred years into the future. Clara and Doc take the DeLorean to the future and board MSC Jennifer – a solar sail ship whose captain is Ms. Marta McFly Jr., Marty's great-granddaughter (the granddaughter of either Marty McFly Jr. or Marlene McFly and daughter of Marta McFly). Back at home, Jules and Verne use the headline machine and find out that the solar sail ship is in danger (it is sabotaged by Ziff Tannen, Griff Tannen's grandson). As Doc and Clara attempt to repair the solar sails, Jules and Verne head to the future to help save their parents. Ziff is eventually caught, and Doc and Clara return home safely. Bill Nye Segment: Exanining how a vacuum works.

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