Back to the Future Season 2 Episode 1 Mac the Black


You will Watch Back to the Future Season 2 Episode 1 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Back to the Future Episode 14 Mac the Black. When Marty lies to Jennifer about going to a concert, Verne immediately wants to get an earring but Clara and Doc object. With Marty in tow, Verne stows away to the Caribbean in the year 1697 to become a pirate and get an earring. Once there, Marty is mistaken for the infamous pirate, Mac the Black. The story escalates when the real Mac the Black confronts Marty and Verne while the Spanish Armada engages the pirates in battle. When he and Verne head back to the normal future, Marty apologizes and tells the truth to Jennifer. Bill Nye Segment: Making a homemade cannon.

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