Back to the Future Season 2 Episode 12 St. Louis Blues


You will Watch Back to the Future Season 2 Episode 12 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Back to the Future Episode 25 St. Louis Blues. While playing putt-putt golf, Marty angers Jennifer by making fun of her hairdo (which he caused to look dreadful) and making a date with Liz (a snobbish, nasty girl in their class). Marty stops by the Browns' house to borrow money for a haircut to go out with Liz. No one is home and Marty uses a not-yet-perfected hair cutting invention to save money. The device causes Marty's hair to drastically change styles instantaneously. Einie communicates with Marty that the Browns are at the local amusement park. Marty goes to the park and finds Jules and Verne; Clara and Doc have gone off for some "lemonade" at another fair – the 1904 World's Fair Exposition in St. Louis. Using the locomotive, Marty and the boys go to find Doc and Clara; Marty needs Doc's help in fixing the hilarious affects of the hair cutting machine. Once there, P.T. Tannen (Buford's son) kidnaps Marty and displays him in a side-show as a "curiosity of nature". Doc, Clara and the boys save Marty and head home. Marty breaks his date with Liz (who has already found someone else, richest boy Milton Van Conrad the Third, to take her out) and apologizes to Jennifer for making fun of her hairdo. Jennifer and Marty then kiss. Bill Nye Segment: How to make a homemade ice cream cone.

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