Bakuman Season 3 Episode 24 English Subbed


Watch full Bakuman Season 3 Episode 24 English Subbed full HD online. Bakuman Episode 74 English Subbed online for free in HD. The Way It Is & The Way It Will End. Following Azuki securing the role of the lead female character, Hattori, Mashiro and Takagi begin discussing their intention to end the Reversi manga in July. Later, Mashiro calls Azuki to congratulate her and they make plans to meet once the first episode of Reversi finishes airing. Hattori tells Heishi about Ashirogi's plan, which he rejects and orders Hattori to convince them to continue the manga. Hattori explains this to Mashiro and Takagi and they decide to think about their final decision. However, Takagi has a separate meeting with Hattori. He states that he will end Reversi in 8 chapters and surpass Nizuma in both rankings as well as volume sales, making Mashiro the best manga artist in Shonen Jack, wanting this to be his wedding present. Hattori decides to take responsibility reflect the words of Director Torishima: 'when the company and authors are at odds, a good editor should stand by the author'. Heishi, having heard the same words before, sides with Ashirogi and informs the animation studio of their decision, which they accept; having the completed series will allow them to stay true to it. When the final chapter is published everyone is awestruck at the spectacular climatic battle between the two protagonists. It is such a smashing success that the manga volumes sell out within a day, surpassing the sales of Zombie Gun by selling 1.22 million copies per volume. Finally, at Reversi's end, Heishi, summons Ashirogi to Yueisha where they meet Nizuma and their motivational rivalry continues.

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