Batman: Under the Red Hood


Watch Batman: Under the Red Hood online free with HQ / high quailty. Stream movie Batman: Under the Red Hood.At his manor in Sarajevo, Bosnia, Ra's al Ghul realizes his mistake in allying with the Joker and using him as a distraction for the Dynamic Duo while Ra's himself tried to cripple the world economy by destroying financial districts in Europe. Meanwhile, the Joker has kidnapped Jason Todd, the second Robin, and brutally beats him with a crowbar in an abandoned warehouse while Batman races there. The Joker then leaves Jason locked in the warehouse with a bomb. Batman arrives just in time to watch the warehouse explode, killing Jason. Five years later in Gotham City, a vigilante criminal called the Red Hood assembles a meeting with the city's most notorious thugs(although they didn't know it was him who assembled it) and dealers, and announces his takeover of their drug trade, telling them that he would get 40% of the profit, and they would get total protection from both Black Mask and Batman. However,he warns them not to deal to kids, saying "If you do, you're dead". When one asks why they should listen to him, he tosses them a bag containing the severed heads of all their lieutenants as a warning. Elsewhere, Batman stops an attempted theft of a shipment belonging to Black Mask, revealed to be Amazo. Batman battles Amazo with the help of Nightwing, and after a short fight, the robot is destroyed. Interrogating the thieves, Batman learns they are working for the Red Hood, before the Red Hood himself kills them with darts. Batman chases the Red Hood, who leads him to the Ace Chemical Plant - the site of the first Red Hood's transformation into the Joker - and then sets off an explosion that destroys the facility(and that Batman barely escapes from), before escaping...

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