Bee and PuppyCat Episode 1 Food


You are going to Watch Bee and PuppyCat Episode 1 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Bee and PuppyCat Episode 1 Online Food. The episode opens with Bee dreaming about PuppyCat swimming in a large amount of floating water. She tries to reach out and pet him, but is shocked instead. This wakes her up, and as the dream wasn't pleasant, she decides to spend the day cooking with her friend Deckard in hopes that she will dream about food. She and PuppyCat gather the necessary ingredients along with a pack of gum, then set out for Deckard's house. Once there Bee and Deckard try to cook but are continually interrupted by PuppyCat, who intentionally tries to ruin the recipe. Deckard's sister appears partway through and reveals that he has been accepted to a cooking school far away. He replies that he wouldn't do well anyway since the recipe turned out badly and lacked an ingredient. Bee decides to go out to purchase the ingredient but finds that she is broke. The episode ends with the pair traveling to see TempBot in hopes of getting a job.

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