Bee and PuppyCat Episode 2 Farmer


You are going to Watch Bee and PuppyCat Episode 2 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Bee and PuppyCat Episode 2 Online Farmer. TempBot assigns Bee and PuppyCat to a job on Jelly Cube Planet helping a farmer feed his animals. The two are sent to the other end of the planet (which is shaped like a small cube) to retrieve a cherry that should feed the animals. Once there they discover that the cherry is not a food source but rather a way to create the food, which is made out of the people who are sent to assist it. Upset, Bee destroys the cherry and releases the souls of everyone who had been fed to the cherry. She then spits her gum (which she had been chewing) into the cherry, which begins to produce food. Bee then angrily gives the farmer the gum and leaves, after which he is devoured by his own animals. Bee returns to Deckard's house, only to find that many hours have passed and that he is now asleep. Next to Deckard is his acceptance letter to the cooking school, which gives Bee pause. She and PuppyCat return home, and that night Bee has the same dream she had the night before, except that when she reaches into the water she is not shocked and PuppyCat nuzzles her hand.

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