Bee and PuppyCat Episode 4 Cats


You are going to Watch Bee and PuppyCat Episode 4 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Bee and PuppyCat Episode 4 Online Cats. The pair discovers that not only is TempBot incapable of working as a television, but they must also perform a temporary job at a cat spa at Cat-Head Planet. They are put into oversized cat costumes (much to PuppyCat's chagrin) and sent to the spa, which is frequented by large humanoid cats. Bee is received warmly and treated favorably, but PuppyCat is shunned as a hideous monster. As the spa has a TV capable of showing Pretty Patrick, Bee is overjoyed until she accidentally drops food on her suit. The cats try to give her a bath, but Bee rebels since she hates water with a passion. She escapes and is chased by the cats, who give up only after PuppyCat blocks their path and contorts his body in a cat-like manner, causing them to give up in disgust. The pair return home, where they find that Cardamon has taped the episode for them, and unknowingly spoils the result.

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