Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Episode 16 The Forge of Creation


You will watch Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Episode 16 online for free episodes with high quality. Online episode guide, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien 116 The Forge of Creation.Azmuth is upset with Ben, Gwen, and Kevin for letting Aggregor get all of the four pieces of the Map of Infinity. Ben resolves to become Alien X to get Bellicus and Serena to cooperate. When this fails, Paradox arrives and changes Alien X back to Ben. After a brief argument, Paradox and Azmuth explain that the Forge of Creation is where all Celestialsapiens (Alien X's race) are born, and Aggregor hopes to absorb the powers and abilities of a newborn Celestialsapien and become omnipotent. Paradox takes them to the Forge of Creation, where an accident pulls Ben's ten-year-old self out of the timestream. After a few difficulties, past-Ben teams up with his future self to stop Aggregor...

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