BoBoiBoy Season 1 Episode 6 BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm


You will Watch BoBoiBoy Season 1 Episode 6 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons BoBoiBoy Episode 6 BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm. To obtain the secret recipe, Adu Du, Probe and Computer tortured BoBoiBoy Lightning by exploding balloons until he upgraded to BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm. Adu Du and Probe took advantage of his memory problems. After that, Adu Du and BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm became friends. When BoBoiBoy returned to Tok Aba's house, everyone was irritated as he claims himself "Ada Da", a name given to him by Adu Du. Luckily, when Probe said BoBoiBoy's catchphrase "Awesome!", his memory began to return.

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