BoBoiBoy Season 1 Episode 9 Giant Game of Checkers


You will Watch BoBoiBoy Season 1 Episode 9 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons BoBoiBoy Episode 9 Giant Game of Checkers. To save the gang, they must win a game of checkers against Sleeping Monster, but Papa Zola himself did not know how to play. He lost in the first round. Fortunately, Tok Aba woke up to replace Papa Zola and fought the monster with his skills. Tok Aba and the Sleep Monster had a competitive game of checkers until the third round. The Sleep Monster had to cheat to win the final round. However, Tok Aba won the game. The monster couldn't accept his loss so he put Tok Aba, Ochobot, Yaya and Ying to sleep again. Papa Zola passed out after his foot got hurt by a large broken piece of the chessboard. However, BoBoiBoy managed to defeat the monster and everyone was safe.

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