BoBoiBoy Season 2 Episode 5 The Revenge of Adu Du


You will Watch BoBoiBoy Season 2 Episode 5 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons BoBoiBoy Episode 18 The Revenge of Adu Du. BoBoiBoy and Gopal investigated why Ochobot fainted every time he saw Fang and why he bought Yaya's biscuits. Instead, they were attacked by Pak Senin Koboi's cat and ended up getting late for school. The boys sneaked into the teacher's lounge to avoid Yaya who's guarding the school gate. They were distracted by Yaya's achievements on the Wall of Success. Unfortunately, they were punished by Yaya as the teacher's lounge was a restricted area for students. As they were doing their punishment, they were shrunk by Probe with a shrink ray. Probe should have squashed them with the Electric Spatula before he shrunk them but instead he did it vice versa. The boys are now in the school yard, as tiny as a fly.

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