Brady's Beasts Season 1 Episode 11 How to use your monster for home protection


You will Watch Brady's Beasts Season 1 Episode 11 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Brady's Beasts Episode 11 How to use your monster for home protection. After witnessing a botched burglary, thanks to a helpful goblin, Brady comes home to find Maxwell and Pollyanna in a panic. They’ve heard that robbers are stealing valuable collectibles all over Ravenville. Their vintage comic books and childhood dollies are no longer safe from the greedy clutches of these hooligans. Maxwell frowns on installing a security system, Brady suggests using a monster as theft protection. Maxwell will not budge; he does not want a monster in his house! But after hearing Virgil’s appraisal of the comic book, Maxwell knows he’s sitting on a gold mine. So Brady hires the Werewolf to protect the family’s precious heirlooms. Brady's thrilled, he finally has a pet monster to call his own ... but does the rest of the family think it’s really a good idea to have a Werewolf around the house? Maxwell is so desperate to get rid of the furry fiend; he’s willing to put his beloved comic book collection up for bid.

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