Brady's Beasts Season 2 Episode 6 How to give your monster courage


You will Watch Brady's Beasts Season 2 Episode 6 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Brady's Beasts Episode 21 How to give your monster courage. A monster has been found in the sewer, so Brady thinks it might be his long-lost favourite Monster. Along with Virgil, he decides to rent a Minotaur to help them navigate the labyrinth-like sewer. Unfortunately, the Minotaur Brady gets from the Monster Shop is afraid of the dark. So from the safety of the surface, Brady & the Minotaur guide poor Virgil through the sewers via walkie-talkies and other gizmos. Virgil finds Brady's monster, and some wrangling ensues. Meanwhile, Brady and the Minotaur are surprised by a police raid, and a sudden power outage, sending both of them tumbling into the sewer. Everyone is eventually flushed out to safety. Virgil and the Minotaur become friends, while Brady receives a treasured memento from his Monster as it flies away once again.

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